Triangulator online dating

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DMT combines segment match data of two or more people to provide you with Double Match and Triangulation information that will help you find common ancestors and help you determine how your DNA matches are related.DMT is an autosomal tool that assists you by finding every segment from every matching person that Double Matches and/or Triangulates with two specific people.

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Until then, if you reformat them like a Family Tree DNA CBR file, then DMT will read them.

Ancestry DNA does not let you download your segment matches.

If you don't have Chromosome Browser Results files of your own to use, you can try this set of 5 sample files used in the Help file. You can't mix data between Family Tree DNA, GEDmatch and 23and Me.

DMT uses the person's name to identify the match because that's all Family Tree DNA provides in their CBR file.

The person's name is often different in GEDmatch and 23and Me, so the people will usually not match each other across companies.

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